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Not sure how to get started?

Worried about costs?  We are too!

Custom apps written in FileMaker Pro always cost less than the big industry behemoths like Sales Force, Dynamics, and Sage MAS 90. We work closely with you to develop a reasonable budget for every project.

Not in Los Angeles? No Problem!

We have many clients in the LA area, but we also work with clients throughout the country. Remote technologies shrink the miles, and allow us to stay in constant touch despite the distance.

Photos from the Bowren Lake Circuit in British Columbia, Canada. All photographs © 2019 Bob Gossom

  • Absolute Advantage has been automating business workflows for over 20 years, with a wide variety of clients.

  • We develop relationships with our clients to create unique, integrated solutions. We're there for you over the long-term. 

  • Our apps move you beyond the treadmill of manual processes, letting your team focus on what really matters.

  • Need information from the Desktop to the Phone to the Web, and back again?

       That's what we do!​

  • Using the advanced technologies of FileMaker ProTM all of your devices can talk to each other

We point you in the right direction

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