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Senior Developer

  • BA, American University

  • MBA, Pepperdine University

  • Member, Directors Guild of America

  • Frequent Presenter at international and regional developer conferences

  • Speciality in accounting solutions and dealing with high volume environments.

  • Activities include: Writing, hiking, canoeing, tap dancing, and volunteer volleyball coach.

  • In 2020 his book of poetry, THE HUMAN EQUATION, was published. You can find out more at

IMG_1085.JPG – Version 2.jpg


Senior Developer

  • BS, Cal State NorthridgeBusiness Administration & Management Theory

  • FileMaker Developer since 1993

  • Frequent Presenter on Development Practices and Theory

  • Speciality in complex integration and enterprise wide applications

  • Mentor in the "Women [Innovating] Together" program

  • Activities include: Avid bike rider, hiker, adventurer, and piano player

Randy and I have been friends and business partners for over 20 years.
We both find inspiration and renewal when we get outdoors.

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